About Helsirvente


Helsirvente is a webcomic about high schooler Edith and her friends doing everything that real ghost hunters do: bothering the dead, bickering with each other, and crossing paths with a soul-eating monster that lords over their entire county. It updates on Tuesdays.


This series contains violence and blood. I write it to be suitable for ages 13 and up, so the content does not go beyond what can be found in a PG-13 movie.


Software: GIMP

Hardware: Intuos Pen and Touch 

Fonts: Obelisque, Arslan's Blood, Petita



About the Pronunciation of Helsirvente


I pronounce it Hel-sir-vahnt.

Nobody is going to stop you if you pronounce it Hel-sir-ventay, though.


About the Author


I'm an undergrad at UC Davis. My interests include writing author bios and updating this webcomic.