Edith Smitherson

Full name: Edith Amihan Smitherson

Initial age: 17


A thrill-seeking high schooler with a passion for befriending, bothering, or otherwise battling ghosts. She means well for the most part, and tends to make things up as she goes.

Zander Choice

Full name: Aleksandr Alan Choice

Initial age: 18


Edith’s introverted best friend and classmate. Although he goes on ghost hunts to make sure Edith doesn't take things too far, he can be just as reckless in the face of danger.

Theo Canton

Full name: Theodore Houston Canton

Initial age: 17


Edith’s classmate, and the younger brother of a professional ghost hunter. He gets scared easily and likes to complain, but somewhere in there is a guy who wants to be helpful.

Sadie Fen

Full name: Mercedes Dalisay Fen

Initial age: 17


Theo's best friend, and a classmate of Edith's who recently learned ghosts are real. The intensity of her curiosity and kindness sometimes makes her seem harsher than she really is.