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9th Oct 2018, 7:45 AM in Chapter 3: Kindred
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Author Notes:

khkddn 9th Oct 2018, 7:45 AM
It doesn't take much energy to reform that arm. Edith would have to swipe at Mariel's arm a couple thousand times before they start to get tired.

I did an art trade with Amithea, look at this pretty art of the red ghost from the first chapter! Hope you haven't forgotten about the red ghost. She's coming back in a major way in the next chapter, and you'll have Mariel to thank for that.


Microraptor 9th Oct 2018, 7:52 AM
If Mariel were to wear an bracelet, could he/she/it (??) resist the urge to chew on it constantly?
khkddn 9th Oct 2018, 8:10 AM
Every bracelet is a candy bracelet to Mariel. (Ghosts can't eat though, so they would just crush the bracelet and pretend to swallow it.)
rd_inks 9th Oct 2018, 8:51 AM
Holy crap this guy is terrifying - and he has so much presence! Great job on conveying his sheer menace in these last few pages :D
khkddn 9th Oct 2018, 9:12 AM
Thanks! It is surprisingly fun to pit the characters against a ghost way out of their league, after pages of dealing with harmless Trash and Jacques.
MK_Wizard 9th Oct 2018, 9:06 AM
This guy is really creeping me out.
khkddn 9th Oct 2018, 9:14 AM
Mariel has this effect on most people, but not other ghosts apparently.
Werewolfsbane 9th Oct 2018, 1:59 PM
Mariel’s face at the end isn’t very reassuring, lol.
khkddn 9th Oct 2018, 2:12 PM
Smiling while saying you're not a killer sends some... mixed messages.
CNightJoy 9th Oct 2018, 6:12 PM
I think the hickey comment would have been really funny, but also a little scary. I really want to know about Mariel. Where did she come from?
khkddn 9th Oct 2018, 6:37 PM
It cracked me up when I thought of it, but I switched the line out last minute because it seemed a bit too creepy. Calling an eye bite a hickey is a stretch, too. I'm gonna save that joke for a better scene in the future.
TheVoidchildProject 10th Oct 2018, 12:07 AM
Hound is giving me major "Homunculus" vibes from FMA. But maybe I see FMA in Everything because I like it so much....

That said, one of the things I love about Helsirvente is how it can swing from whimsically comical to this very disturbing level of horror. The way Hound acts and speaks, like an overeager uhm "dog", who's barely has any self-control makes them extra spooky!
khkddn 10th Oct 2018, 9:02 AM
Well that's good to hear because a combo of comical and spooky are two of my goals here :) This will be a wild fight to say the least.
snuffysam 12th Oct 2018, 9:56 PM
"GASP! Qinoa! My one weaknessssss!!!"
khkddn 13th Oct 2018, 8:39 AM
Quinoa with a side of potato baby.
jmluvsbob 15th Sep 2022, 8:19 AM
Mariel: "Chill, I just love chomping people, bro."

Seriously, though, the more I see of Mariel, the more threatening they become.
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