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1st Jan 2019, 7:35 AM in Chapter 3: Kindred
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Author Notes:

khkddn 1st Jan 2019, 7:35 AM
She went through the trouble of making that knife, so she's gotta use it.

Happy new year! For this month, Heckservant will be going back to one update a week on Tuesdays. But next month... nah, it's too early to tell. For 2019 I want to finally rebuild the buffer. As exciting as it is to finish a page the morning it's due, it makes the rest of my life harder, haha. See you Tuesday and thanks for reading.


snuffysam 1st Jan 2019, 11:51 AM
Houndy, buddy, if you can't tell specifics about the memories you pull (e.g. whether or not the body is a ghost, whose memory you're going into), you can't throw around accusations like that.

Like, how do you know that wasn't just a body the kids saw on the news once? Maybe the news just happened to cover a Helsirvente killing?
khkddn 1st Jan 2019, 12:32 PM
Yeah, or maybe that's not even a real person. For all we know, that could be one of their ocs for a webcomic they're planning
TheVoidchildProject 1st Jan 2019, 4:16 PM
Yup, Edith went and bungled the narrative for me! She does a mean slash though so all is forgiven! Except the thing that Hound is refusing to forgive ofc...
khkddn 1st Jan 2019, 8:21 PM
The secrets will be revealed someday, but not today while Edith has that glass.
CNightJoy 1st Jan 2019, 5:35 PM
Happy New Year! I love Edith's pluck, but I don't think that's going to win her any favors.
khkddn 1st Jan 2019, 8:23 PM
When all else fails she'll always have her enthusiasm :)
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