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12th Dec 2017, 6:57 AM in Chapter 2: Crybaby
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Author Notes:

khkddn 2nd Dec 2017, 11:13 PM
Reminder: Tues+Thur updates for the entire month. There was a second update on Thursday, so go back if you missed it.

Also, look at this awesome picture of Edith from joeyballast, author of Cato's Apprenticeship! She looks so cool. It was a very nice art trade.


CNightJoy 12th Dec 2017, 7:50 AM
Time to confront the ghost. Tho Murder tree sounds seriously ominous.
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 9:20 AM
It isn't the best name. Few people besides Edith would want to visit a murder tree.
TheVoidchildProject 12th Dec 2017, 9:07 AM
Edith is forthright and earnest as always!

I am curious, but know you might not be able to answer this but I’ll ask anyway, if you have plans to tie the story back in to the overarching plot (The Helsirvente stuff that was started in the previous iteration) only with perhaps a different spin/direction on it? There are no complaints from me as I enjoy every page of the comic atm. The bantering and relationships betweeen the crew is my main draw but I’m still curious.

Oh and that Edith piece looks great!
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 9:43 AM
I leaned too heavily into that stuff in the first version, so I changed the focus to something more straightforward in this. So far it seems easier for people to follow/care what's going on.

Some things have changed a little bit, but it's still going in the same direction. The ghost lore is still a thing but I'm taking it slower now.
Mothtrap 12th Dec 2017, 9:51 AM
Never would have suspected the Murder Tree, it seems so innocent!!
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 11:01 AM
Yeah, it just happened to be at the scene of multiple crimes.
rd_inks 12th Dec 2017, 11:23 AM
That ghost looks cute AF - shame he's hiding behind the dastardly murder tree - associating with that delinquent is a one way ticket to Mistrust City :o

Also, I read the lore earlier today and was impressed by how much you've fleshed out the ghosts/hands/Helsirvente stuff. Can't wait till it makes an appearance. Fellow readers, I urge you to check out the 'other stuff' page and be amazed!
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 12:09 PM
This ghost misbehaves a lot. I bet it doesn't have any positive role models, and it plays a lot of violent video games

Thanks!! It's a struggle not to dump all that lore stuff all at once, but I think it will be interesting to slowly introduce in the future.
rd_inks 12th Dec 2017, 12:17 PM
I KNEW IT! I knew no good could come from those gosh darn videogames!

Yeah I had a feeling you'd try to introduce it more organically as the story went on. It's a nice little bonus though for those of us who are impatient af (read: one rd_inks)

Nah, I always appreciate the slow burn. Keep up the good work :)
notkamalayx 12th Dec 2017, 11:50 AM
rest in pieces, tree rope (´;︵;`)
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 12:10 PM
It's still in one piece... technically, the pieces are tied together
Mutt1718 12th Dec 2017, 7:52 PM
Merry Christmas guys.
Mutt1718 12th Dec 2017, 7:53 PM
Have a death tree.
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 8:11 PM
finally, a gift that is both interesting and practical
snuffysam 12th Dec 2017, 8:16 PM
I just thought of something... what if that ribbon/rope thing is the ghost's Object instead?
khkddn 12th Dec 2017, 8:32 PM
Then it isn't very smart, because it just damaged its own Object by snapping it like that. You can't replace those; once it's destroyed, you have about a year before you fade away into nothing. (unless you constantly possess living people to regain strength. but that's hard.)
Mutt1718 13th Dec 2017, 4:42 AM
Yeah, what would possess him to do that?? :)
jmluvsbob 31st Aug 2022, 12:26 PM
They got this! They've done so well so far, and I'm only half joking about that.
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